If not decided on placement, what are the options?  STAC will provide options if it is determined that the resident is able to remain at home with support of community resources i.e. day care, respite care, home provider services.  We will make recommendations for your loved one to encourage functioning at their highest level right where they are.

Keeping your loved one at home may be a safety issue. STAC will assess the safety needs of your loved one, your home, and the education needed to keep them uninjured i.e. home modifications, skin care, medication administration, and dietary needs for a small fee (Long Term Care Assessment).


STAC looks at what care needs your elderly loved one requires. This information may come from Hospice, Home Health Agencies, Case Management, and you, the family member.  STAC will provide options if determined that the resident is able to remain at home with support of community resources and/or STAC partners.  STAC will make recommendations for the best environment for your loved one to function  at their highest level (see below). We are committed to respecting the dignity and worth of each elderly individual and family we work with.

iStock_000004975753XSmallReferral and Placement Service

STAC offers an alternative to large Assisted Living and Nursing Home Facility placement.  Here your elderly loved one can age in place and the home price will not fluctuate from week to week or month to month as more assistance is needed.  The Assisted Living and Personal Care Homes are pre-screened prior to viewing to ensure the suitability of the needs of your loved one.  We check for a home-like environment, staff qualifications, services provided and compassionate care practices.  This service provided at no cost to you.


STAC provides Continuing Education Courses to assisted living and personal care home managers and staff.  The staff in assisted living and personal care homes, must maintain CPR and First Aid certification.  Other courses offered by STAC, view under education.

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