What is Nurse Delegation?

Nurse Delegation allows the unlicensed Assistive person (CNA or caregiver) to do certain tasks in a community setting.  Accepting a delegated task means you are willing to perform a specific action for a resident in place of the registered nurse.  Once you have been given clear and specific instruction from the RN on what to do and when to do it, you are ready to care for your client/resident in a community setting.



Who can delegate?  Delegation of nursing tasks can only be done by a registered nurse.  It is the registered nurse who is responsible for the delegated tasks for the client.  Delegation is required for hospice and home health clients that are being cared for in residential care homes or in the clients home if cared for by paid caregivers (non-family).

What is the purpose of Nurse Delegation? 

  •          Legally allows you as an unlicensed professional caregiver to perform tasks that you would not otherwise be able to do in the community.
  •          Keeps older adults safe in the residential care home
  •          Learn how to administer medication safely (different than assisting with medications)
  •          Learn to safely perform specific heath care procedures
  •          Learn on the job from a registered nurse to care for a specific client

Nurse Delegation /Course 

  •          Learn what the law requires for nurse delegation
  •          Defines your role  as an Unlicensed personnel in the delegation process
  •          Gives the medical knowledge you need to perform specific procedures/treatments
  •          Describes the characteristics needed to provide effective client care

What tasks need delegation?

  •          Administration of medications (crushing, mixing, rubbing, insulin)
  •          Non-sterile dressing changes
  •          Urinary catherization using clean techniques
  •          Ostomy Care
  •          Blood Glucose monitoring/Insulin Administration
  •          Gastrostomy feeds

What are the tasks I cannot do?

  •          Injections of any kind, except for insulin
  •          Sterile procedures
  •          Maintenance of central lines
  •          Tasks that require nursing judgment
  •          Assessment
  •          Permanently withhold meds without a physician/nurse practitioner’s authority


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