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Q:  Who lives in Assisted Living or Personal Care Homes?

A: An estimated 20,000 Assisted Living residences across the nation currently house more than 1 million Americans.  Single or widowed women in their 80’s are the most common kind of resident, although the residents can be of any age, from any income background, with varying levels of disability.

The residents in these Assisted Living/Personal Care Homes may have memory deficits and may require help with mobility and incontinence. These homes are also useful for those who are at the end of life (hospice).  Elders, who cannot prepare their own meals, need help with bathing, or administering medication will benefit from these services offered in an Assisted Living/Personal Care Home. These homes are generally less expensive than nursing homes and larger assisted living facilities. Assisted Living/Personal Care Homes are able to assist the elder in a timely manner by caring for a smaller number of residents.  This also reduces feelings of isolation for the elder and increases their feelings of security and belonging.

Q: What is the cost of the Residential Care Homes?

A: Homes are private pay, but some may accept state or federal funding.  They range from $50 – $170.00 per day depending on level of care.  The pricing usually does not vary from month to month.  The homes cover the cost of all but medications, incontinence products and any specialty items required.  This includes all personal care ranging from medications to bathing and dressing.

Q: Do I sign a lease?

A: No, however, there is a contract.  The contract is an agreement which outlines the provider/payee responsibilities.  The agreement is month to month.  Providers generally request a 30-day notice prior to moving.

Q: Do Residential Assisted Living/Personal Care Homes have 24 hour staffing?

A: Yes.  Assisted living/personal care homes are staffed 24 hours a day.  There is at least one staff member is on-site day and night to meet the elder/resident needs.  Depending on census, there may be more than one staff member on duty at a time.  There is usually a consulting Registered Nurse available to the home if a nurse is not the primary caregiver.

Q: Do Residential Assisted Living/Personal Care Homes prepare special diets?

A: Yes.  Homes are able to prepare a special diet specific to resident medical needs i.e. low sodium, diabetic, etc.  It is the policy of the homes is to prepare tasty and nutritious food.  Usually, at least three meals are provided with snacks in between.  Supplemental protein drinks are available if needed.

Q: Do Assisted Living homes provide laundry services?

A: Yes. Laundry services are provided by the home. No dry cleaning services.


Q: Are these homes Licensed by the State Of Texas?

A: The Assisted living Homes are licensed by the state and may have up to 16 residents. The Personal Care Homes are not licensed by the State of Texas and may only have 3 residents to remain in compliance with State law.  Both are good choices depending on the level of care the elder resident requires.

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