Is It Time To Move?

Is it time to Move?

When is living alone not an option?  This is the question many families are asking themselves today about their loved ones.  The following may help you decide if living alone should be reconsidered.

Needing assistance in areas of daily living (cooking, bathing, and dressing) does not mean you must move from your home.  You can have caregiver services come into your home to help.  However, feelings of loneliness and depression; forgetting to take medications; inability to move through your home safely; your inability to clean and do laundry; and/or lack of nearby family with whom you regularly interact with; may be indications that it is time to move to a more helpful setting.

Moving may be a good choice but where to go may be a challenge.  Your choices may include living with a relative, moving to an assisted living facility or a nursing home.  While these may be good choices for some, what is the best choice for you?  Something smaller, more personal, with 24/7 on staff care may be just right for your loved one.  Residential assisted living and personal care homes are small, providing personalized attention in a home like setting.

These residential living homes range from older residents who need meals prepared and a safe place to live, to those who may need help with bathing and medication monitoring.  As the resident ages, their needs change.  The home is able to personalize their attention; therefore the resident is able to age in place.  The residential home provides the resident with loving and lasting relationships that includes their family.

Regardless of what your need, there is a home that is right for you.  An elder placement specialist from STAC can help evaluate your needs and choices. Whether you require a large facility or a small home, you can walk your road less traveled with confidence knowing you have someone to walk beside you.

Written by Valerie Taylor, RN, BSN

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